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StepWise helps students master critical math skills using patented AI, giving students instant feedback at the moment they are confused. StepWise analyzes their errors and coaches them back on the path to successfully completing math problems. Students who use StepWise do 16% better on standardized tests and they also pass their math courses at higher rates. They make better grades, so they can qualify for high-paying careers.

Students perform 16% better

See StepWise in Action

This brief video shows StepWise in use classrooms during our study with middle school students in Texas and California. Students who scored low on the standardized Smarter Balanced assessment did significantly better in Algebra after using StepWise.


Focused Features

StepWise is patented AI-based student assessment and tutoring technology for math in grades 6-12. Our products help students master critical math skills at the instant of confusion. We collect step-by-step analytic data on student competencies and problem-solving skills.

  • AI based on the wisdom of master teachers
  • Available 24×7 on smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Unlimited practice problems
  • Actionable reports for instructors & administrators
  • Emailed reports for parents

Proven Effectiveness

since 2014

A study funded by the US Department of Education proved that low-performing middle school students perform significantly better on a state exam when they used StepWise. College students pass their math courses at a much higher rate when their course includes StepWise.

  • California State University
  • University of Illinois
  • Corpus Christi College

Key Features

StepWise brings world-class AI to students on affordable mobile devices, giving students instant help 24×7 so they can master critical math skills.

Patented AI

24×7 Access

Mobile App

Actionable Reporting

Unlimited Access

Multiple Solution Paths

Infinite Patience


Our Customers

U.S. Department of Education


Click Here to see the Research Brief about this study.

“Students scored 16% higher from pre-test to post-
test on the topics that were the focus of the intervention”


StepWiseTM Sampler

Experience 16 sample math problems in StepWiseTM. This demo includes pre-algebra questions, algebra questions, and calculus questions. Each question uses Querium’s patented StepWiseTM Virtual Tutor artificial intelligence. These problems start with pre-algebra questions from sixth grade level. You will need experience with basic math for these questions.

Open edXTM Demo Course

We embed the StepWiseTM Virtual Tutor into math questions that we deliver to learners using an open source online learning management system developed by MIT and Harvard Universities named Open edXTM. It is a popular platform for large educational institutions around the world, and we are one of its largest users and contributors.